An award wining and  multidisciplinary prolific artist, designer and director her work focuses in the Film, Television and Performing Arts Industry. Works since 1993 in different roles in the media field such as production designer, art director, costume & set designer and Documentary director among others. 

 Her background in fine arts & stage design allows Marlene to approach her projects with a dynamic perspective, and her work is instilled with a passion that comes from her love of telling stories, An explorer of different aspects of art expressions, from feature films to TV commercials, fashion industry campaigns or documentary productions, her creative vision gives all her productions and unique visual identity.






Documentary; “818 Tong Shan Road”-10 th anniversary edition 2005 -2015 Award wining Documentary 40" Written, produced & Directed

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.44.00 PM.png

Short films:  El secreto de Chico 2015 written & direction, 12"




Art work & Shows: Petit Gallerie: Group Show/ Solo show: Alliance Francaise de Buenos Aires/ UTDT: Wires Installation 2015


Film Features & Commercial film

Papeles en el viento Dir:  J.Taratuto.
La Reconstrucción Dir: J.Taratuto.
Body Language Dir: J. Elmont.
Chicos ricos  Dir: M. Galperin
Empacados  Dir: A. Penteado - Fried

Commercial films > find complete list below >


 TV Shows                      

Dance! La fuerza del corazón -
Canal 10 Montevideo.
Proyecto - 48 TNT.
El gran juego - Canal 13.
# 15 - Telefe.
Medianoche… - Canal 9.
El Garante  - Canal 9.
Good show Tato Bores - Telefe.
Buenos muchachos - Canal 9.
Ruleta Rusa - Canal de la mujer.
Ritmo de la noche - Telefe.
Mujeres & Co - Cablevision.

Ad Campaignes & Stills

Gaby Herbstein, Fashion.
Maria Vazquez, Tucci.
Natalia Antolin, Kosiuko.
Photo Gustavo Saiegh: Rock & Pop.
Photo Segundo: Claro Smartphones.


La carretera, Julio Iglesias.
Circo beat, Fito Páez-
dir. Pucho Mentasti



Set design & Costumes  

Dance - dir. Ricky Pashkus, T. Verano. 
La oscuridad de la razón - dir J. Kogan, T. Payros.
Calderón - dir. F. Yeni, T. Payro .
Anónima - dir. T. Glusman, T. La Plaza.
La enviada - dir. L. Waisse C.C.R.Rojas. 
La hija de… - dir. L. Jelin. F. Bco. Patricios.
La más fuerte - dir. R. Podolsky, T.A. Hebraica.
Ciudanza, Memorias de la plaza - dir. S. Szperling.

Exhibition Set Design Courage to Remember/ S.Wiesenthal Center - C.C.Recoleta





Brands & Agencies : Levi’s, Nokia, Chevrolet, Speedy, Coca-Cola,C & A, Knorr, Nivea, Direct Tv, Subway, Danone, Panasonic, Mc Donald’s, Bisolvon, Egg,  Tropical, Herdez, Ragu, Pampers, Clarin, Hellmans, Cinzano, Starmedia, Powerade, Quilmes, Bieckert, Renault, Direct TV, Sprite Zero, Fanta light, Pantene, Lastminute, Hansaplast, Personal, Movistar, Brahma, Kellogg’s, Clairol, Genesis, Al campo, Aiwa, Benadryl, Skip, Warner Channel, Topper, Cartoon Network, Flex, Santander, Ariel, Axa, Evatest, Villa del Sur, Ford, Pronto Shake, TyC Sports Channel, Banco Galicia.

Local Directors & International services

 D. Kleinmann, M.Venville, T. Job, M. Bussmann, P. Mentasti, A.Bo, L. Podcaminsky, E.Sapir, H. Einstein, C. Prestía, S.Dunlop, H. Greenhalgh, Smith &Faulkes, J.Nir, D.Kaplan, F.Bassi, S.Wall, J. Taratuto, J.L. García ,J. Garrido, P.Hernandez, A.Laham ,F. Nardini ,C. Bernard, , J. Marques, F. Castaño, N. Parodi, M. Belaustegui, M.Carranza,, M. Scartacini







"... Drawing is thinking, is to develop the ability of thought, to transform ideas into things. When one draws, "sees" something first.  Many people spend their lives without seeing anything.  SEEING, is very difficult. People have too many preconceptions that form their view of things .
- Milton Glaser - 






Marlene graduated from the National School of Arts P.Pueyrredon-Buenos Aires in 1993 with a BA in Arts and afterwords in 1989 got a degree in art direction at -Tisch School of Arts  New York University, US.
She had also studied and was mentored by artist such as L.F.Noé, E.Soibelman, E.Levin, C.Herzberg, E.Valderrey, M Kovensky and A. Pourcel among others. Keeping up today studies she's currently attending UTDT University under Professor Andres Di Tella.  

As part of a more complete development profile Marlene is exploring the fields of Systemic Psychology and The process of thinking to enrich her approach to human knowledge.

A native spanish speaker, fluent in english and French Marlene lives in Buenos Aires City with her 2 kids and renowned scriptwriter and director-producer Pedro Saborido who often teams up with Marlene in her Projects.